A. Understand the scope of the data to be collected and maintained as part of the project

The Procuring Authority needs to understand the size and requirements of the project from the outset so that it understands and can track the scope of the data to be managed. This will include having a thorough understanding of what is required under the PPP contract as well as what is required internally from a good record keeping point of view. Most of the information will be provided by the Project Company as part of its obligations under the PPP contract; however, the Procuring Authority should verify this information on a regular basis (as necessary) to ensure that it is accurate and consistent and keep internal records. For example, in relation to claims or other communications with the Project Company. The lenders to the project may also be required to report to the Procuring Authority in some circumstances.

B. Develop an information management system that works for the Procuring Authority and the Project Company

C. Where possible, use similar information management systems and software across multiple projects

D. Agree the level of detail required from the Project Company early, to set expectations around the form of information required

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