A. Prepare a training program to cover all relevant topics, including PPP-specific topics and general training in contract management

The Procuring Authority must plan for both initial and ongoing training of its contract management team. Training required during specific periods is detailed in Section 3.1 (Transitions).

Staff skill levels can vary significantly across a newly formed team, and tailored training is necessary to address the different capabilities and align all personnel to a common level of capacity.

Members of the Procuring Authority’s contract management team will typically need to be trained in the following areas, which are PPP specific:

  • mobilisation, transitions and handback

  • performance monitoring

  • payment mechanisms and their application

  • financial models and project financing

  • stakeholder management and helpdesk

  • claims management

  • contractual scope change or variation management

  • dispute resolution mechanisms and management

  • the PPP contract and all relevant time periods

  • PPP risk allocation and implications of the selected procurement model for the project

  • other aspects related to the application of the contract (such as relevant notice periods)

Contract management staff will also require general training in contract management:

  • project management

  • risk management

  • commercial skills

  • issue resolution and negotiation skills

  • health and safety, and environmental management

  • data and information management

  • effective communications planning

  • promoting successful partnerships

B. Consider arranging joint training between Project Company staff and Procuring Authority staff

C. Use appropriate external resources to deliver training programs

D. Consider developing a PPP contract management manual

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