APMG International:The PPP Guide”. The guide is intended to assist PPP professionals in learning best practices in PPP development and management. It is referred to as the book of knowledge on PPPs. The guide is aimed to help PPP practitioners achieve the title “Certified PPP Professional” under the auspices of the APMG PPP Certification Program.

APMG International: “Glossary”. This is a glossary of terms that are commonly used in PPP projects. Many of the definitions used in this reference tool come originally from the APMG glossary.

Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance of India: “Guidelines for Post- Award Contract Management for PPP Concessions”. The PPP Cell under the Infrastructure Division drafted this comprehensive post-award contract management toolkit to assist contract manager in regional governments. The guide provides detailed guidance on all contract management issues, challenges, and best practice.

EPEC: European PPP Expertise Centre. “Managing PPPs during their contract life, Guidance for sound management”. This document is useful when considering setting up the team and also when considering how to manage service performance.

EPEC: European PPP Expertise Centre. “Report on Termination and Force Majeure Provisions in PPP Contracts”. This document explains different methods for calculating compensation for Procuring Authority default and voluntary termination.

EPEC: European PPP Expertise Centre. “Termination and Force Majeure Provisions in PPP Contracts”. This document sets out the termination provisions most commonly used across Europe, how they have developed over time and their rationale.

EPEC: European PPP Expertise Centre. “The Guide to Guidance. How to Prepare, Procure and Deliver PPP Projects”. This guide seeks to identify the “best of breed” guidance currently available from PPP guidelines worldwide and selected professional publications. It was also used to show the different forms of refinancings.

OECD International Transport Forum:The Renegotiation of PPP Contracts: An Overview of its Recent Evolution in Latin America”. This document includes a description of the different causes for initiating the renegotiation by the Procuring Authority or by the Private Company.

The World Bank: Good Governance in Public-Private Partnerships, A Resource Guide for Practitioners”. This document provides guidance on governance in PPPs, with an emphasis on Latin America, and was particularly useful in understanding approaches to dealing with Project Company financial difficulties.

The World Bank: “Guidance on PPP Contractual Provisions, 2017 Edition”. This manual is an update on the earlier 2015 edition based on user feedback. The objective of this guide is to assist Procuring Authorities with obtaining a better and more comprehensive understanding of PPP contractual provisions, highlighted also in the 2015 edition.

UK HM Treasury PPP Policy Note:Early Termination of Contracts”. The purpose of this note is to set out the budgeting, accounting and fiscal implications of a voluntary termination of a PPP contract by a Procuring Authority, as well as the review and approval process that should be followed.

UNECE: United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.Public Project Partnership. Contract Management Manual”. This manual defines international best practice and is intended to provide the foundation for the design, development, and operation of PPP contract management systems by governments. It was mentioned in the transition period from financial close to construction section.